Seeds peeled from the corn(ပြောင်းထဲကမှ ပြေင်းအစေ့အခွံချွတ်)

Key Features

Ready-to-Eat: Our peeled corn seeds are prepped and ready for consumption, providing a quick and convenient snack option.

Deliciously Crunchy: Enjoy the delightful crunch of these seeds, adding a satisfying texture to your dishes or a flavorful snack on their own.

Natural Sweetness: With their natural sweetness, these peeled corn seeds offer a wholesome and tasty treat for a guilt-free indulgence.

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Experience the pure essence of corn with our meticulously peeled corn seeds. Harvested from the finest crops and carefully processed, these seeds boast an exceptional level of purity and wholesomeness. Whether you’re using them for snacking, cooking, or as a flavorful topping, our peeled corn seeds bring the true taste of nature to your table.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 456 × 344 cm


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